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Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento

Meraviglia architettonica di Trento

The Buonconsiglio Castle is one of the main monuments of Trentino and a historical, artistic and architectural jewel where exhibitions and events of great success take place.

The castle, originally built with a purely defensive function, was the residence of the Prince Bishops from the thirteenth century to the secularization of the episcopacy in 1803. Over the centuries, the structure has experienced many changes and implementations, transforming the original military appearance in one of the largest residential urban fortifications in northern Italy.

The current appearance is largely due to the work of the Prince Bishops as Bernardo Clesio and Cristoforo Madruzzo. In 1300, the original structure incorporated the Castelvecchio and the Torre d’Augusto. Thanks to the arrival in Trento of some of the best artists of the period, who left their mark in several buildings around the city, the castle had other parts added until the seventeenth century (The Magno Palazzo and the Giunta Albertiana). The Bishop Giorgio of Liechtenstein wanted to connect the Castelvecchio with the renowned Torre dell'Aquila, frescoed with the famous Ciclo dei Mesi.
This continuous work along the centuries and epochs so different has created an incomparable melting pot that makes the visit of the castle a unique experience in terms of historical, architectural, military and artistic point of view.
Noteworthy is the famous "Ciclo dei Mesi", one of the most important pieces of the international Gothic. It is a series of frescoes, dating back to the fourteenth century by an unknown artist of Bohemian origin, in which are represented for each month scenes of court and ordinary life.
A visit to the castle allows the visitors to be literally immersed in the Renaissance, surrounded by pieces of exquisite workmanship that demonstrate the technical skills of the artists who left their mark in Trentino.
The centennial history of the Castle continues in the nineteenth century, when the Austro-Hungarian emperor used the building as army barracks. During the First World War, some irredentists were imprisoned in its jails. Today it is also possible to visit them.
Since 1973, the Buonconsiglio houses the Provincial Museum of Art, home to a permanent exhibition and several temporary exhibitions.

Opening Hours of the Castle:

Summer: 10.00 - 18.00
Winter: 9.30 - 17.30 
Monday: closed


Entrance Fee: 8.00 €

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