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Altopiano della Paganella lies between the mountain of the same name, looking over Valle dell´Adige, and the spectacular Brenta Dolomites. Its main centres are Molveno with its splendid lake, Fai della Paganella and Andalo, which boasts fantastic sporting infrastructures. Altopiano della Paganella is the ideal place for active holidays both in summer and in winter. The entire area is also very well suited to family holidays thanks to the many hotels with kids as a key focus, to always varied events and entertainment. A straight of three plateaus sculpt the Val di Non region, with gentle inclines cultivated into apple orchards, deep canyons carved by the Noce river and its tributaries, villages and castles as well as forests and mountains. The Val di Non is renowned for the quality of its apples and its landscape is seeded largely with vast apple or chards, a sight you have to behold during a full blossom and during the harvest season in autumn. But the area also boasts remnants of times long past:  the stunning castel Thun, palaces decorated in frescoes, museums and stately residences, small churches amidst the meadows and the breath-taking San Romedio sanctuary. Val di Non catches up with the wild Valle di Tovel with its lake, set in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park.

Camping Park Baita Dolomiti

Val di Non e Altopiano della Paganella
Via C. Battisti, 18/c - 38011 SARNONICO (TN)
Open: Summer - Winter
Position: Mountain
  • n° 450
  • n° 140
  • n° 25
  • n° 22
  • n° 12
  • 8 km
  • 4 km
  • 1000
  • free
  • accesso-animalicampo-pallavolodeposito-sci-scarponipiscinaristorantescarichi-camperwi-fi

    Campeggio Andalo

    Val di Non e Altopiano della Paganella
    Viale del Parco, 4 - 38010 ANDALO (TN)
    Open: Summer - Winter
    Position: Mountain
  • n° 240
  • n° 65
  • n° 11
  • n° 7
  • 1 km
  • 5 km
  • 1042
  • accesso-animalianimazionesport-friendlycampo-calcettocampo-pallavolocampo-da-tenniscentro-benesserenoleggio-mountain-bikepiscina

    Camping Spiaggia Lago di Molveno

    Val di Non e Altopiano della Paganella
    Via Lungolago, 27 - 38018 MOLVENO (TN)
    Open: Summer - Winter
    Position: Lake - Mountain
  • n° 726
  • n° 223
  • n° 32
  • n° 28
  • n° 24
  • 5 km
  • 20 m
  • 865
  • accesso-animalianimazionedeposito-sci-scarponimarketristorantescarichi-camperwi-fi


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